At TalkAgent, we understand the importance of timely and correct response to your customers and how critical it can be for your business. To provide and control this support internally is not only costly and time intensive but also difficult to supply on and a headache to preserve.

24/7 support Often edges are cut, alternatives are cobbled together and when that all-important contact comes through the computer system drops, the client is left disappointed and perturbed. Which is why; SME companies elect to associate with TalkAgent to make certain their clients have total serenity of thoughts that their issues are handled professionally and efficiently.

Our agents have a wonderful experience of working with various businesses in different sectors where specific issues need to be logged and acted up on, like telecommunication, I.T (Information Technology), Media, Financial, Construction, Property Management, Repair and maintenance, health care, Legal, Public Sector, Security & safety services, Automobile and Travel etc. by providing their clients with effective and efficient services.

24/7 Advertising Response Support

Talk Agent 24/7 Ad Reply Solutions At Affordable Price
If your business is looking for a dependable and reliable advertising response service, you can count on Talk Agent Telemarketing or other services. With our effective online 24/7 ad response service, we offer devoted employees to your advertising campaigns ensuring your cash and efforts are not wasted. Our professional advertising response team briefs all the queries and ensures you don’t miss a single question.
With Talk Agent 24/7 support agents, all inquiry calls will be responded by our experienced operators to be certain that your company get the total benefits of your promotional investment. Our call center agents are aimed at supporting your queries that advertisement mass generates. At Talk Agent support, we have the best rates with excellent customer feedback.

24/7 365 cover services

  • Ensure maximum yields on your money
  • Effective Response Time.
  • Ability to cope all form of campaigns
  • 24 X 7 X 365 Availability
live chat
24 hour customer service

Business Continuity

Regardless of the size of the organization or business model, there are times when you need to run maintenance and shut down your operations temporarily but customer are not supposed to get affected by this short term downtime. TalkAgent provide its clients with BCPs to ensure that support and services are provided to their customer no matter when and where the maintenance is done whether it is scheduled or unplanned, we are always there to help our clients during these hard times.

TalkAgent offers complete contact based solutions in case you desire to keep the customer-facing component of your industry up and running through a company continuity event. Our business continuity services that our customers find helpful include:

  • 24/7 Phone Answering Support.
  • 24/7 Scripted message-taking service.
  • 24/7 Help-Desk Support
  • 24/7 Order-Taking Management

Email Handling Services

Emails always have been and will be an important and critical part of corporate communication throughout the globe. Whether you are selling a product or providing any sort of service your customers take all the communication done by emails very seriously. TalkAgent offers a strong email handling program with the same high standards of SLA that is expected from any other top-notch contact center in this field of industry. With our 24 X 7 email handling service, you can make sure that all the inquiries and issue raised by the customer are addressed in real time without any delay in the most professional and efficient way. Regardless you are looking for the support staff to handle the responses for your newly launched ad campaign or you need experienced people to work with you on an ongoing project to assist your customer with their issues; TalkAgent is a one stop shop for all your needs and requirements to deliver an increased brand experience that compels advocacy and faithfulness.

  • 24/7 Email Handling Services.
  • Quick and Correct Real Time Response.
  • Maximize Your ROIs.
24 hour support service
24 hour service

Live Receptionist 24/7 Support / Virtual Office Setup

As a developing company, keeping existing customers and obtaining new clients can be your utmost priority. Greeting a new customer and guiding him through your offered products and service or helping an existing customer with his queries can be the deciding factor for their fate with your organization; receptionists play a vital role in deciding this fate. We understand all these factors involved in retaining existing customers and getting the new ones. We believe in a very simple rule, a week may have a weekend but customers do not take off days. They come when it is best for them; they need assistance when and where they need it, not at the company’s convenience. That is why we provide 24 /7 / 365 coverage for our clients. No matter what day of the year it is we will provide coverage for your business and your customers. We make sure that every new customer is handled every raised issue is resolved perfectly.

Our expert support and sales staff will work assiduously, efficiently and cheerfully to answer all your clients. With our 24/7 support, you can confidently outsource most or all of your work load through web chat, e-mail and/or calls.
Every small business is struggling with regulating demands: economical uncertainties, marketplace sophistication, super-competitors, and so many unparalleled problems. They have been seeking to next-era Business Process Outsource (BPO) services for effective solutions. At TalkAgent, we are not just a live chat support or call center, we provide a complete BPO solution to our clients, incoming emails, chat support, call support, Fax routed through internet or any type of backoffice services.

  • Your Office Is Never Closed.
  • Your Customers Are Never Unattended.
  • Increase Sales Conversions By Quickly Employing The Enquirer.
  • Present An Increased Brand Experience.
  • Seeking A 24/7 Live Receptionist – Get In Touch With Us Today!

24/7 Order Taking Support

Talk Agent has major expertise in off-page and web based order taking across various distinct business sectors. At Talk Agent, we offer fully-integrated 24/7 order taking support that entails real time PCI-compliant charge card processing, stock monitoring etc. Our 24/7 Order-Taking support provides these major advantages:

  • Overflow: Timely transformation and conversion of prospects and enhancing your ROI
  • Zero Queue Time For Your Customers.
  • Timely and Appropriate Processing for all incoming orders.
  • Outsource: Cut prices related to recruitment, vacations, illness etc
live chat support
24 7 live support services

24/7 Product Support

Providing accurate and exact information when required is vital to an organization’s growth. Most of the times we come across companies who have the number published on their product but they are only reachable within the standard working hours, which may be inconvenient for the customer. The main reason for the companies to have the support lines available only within the business hours is due to the high cost of hiring the staff to work at odd hours.

At TalkAgent, we provide support to our clients and to their customer 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, when it comes to providing support we do not take any off days on that as customer do not want to wait for someone to get back to them at their convenience, in fact a customer wants the issue to be resolved when he or she is facing the problem. Talk Agent is providing a 24/7 product support solution that is quickly embraced in different industries to help businesses benefits from each call prospect. Our support choices contain:


Small & Medium

24X7 Support

  • 3 Shared Chat Support Agent
  • 3 Shared Voice Support Agent
  • 2500 Emails per Month
  • 50 Promotional Emails
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Training Fee
  • Weekly QA and Monitoring Reports
  • 72 Hours Implementation Time
  • Contact us


24X7 Support

  • 3 Dedicated Chat Support Agent
  • 3 Dedicated Voice Support Agent
  • 5000 Emails per Month
  • 100 Promotional Emails
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Training Fee
  • Weekly QA and Monitoring Reports
  • 72 Hours Implementation Time
  • Contact us

Talk to a specialist to get a tailor made solution as per your needs and requirements.

Custom Package

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