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6 Points to a Successful Telemarketing Campaign in a “DND” World

6 Points to a Successful Telemarketing Campaign in a “DND” World

Ever since the evolution of human race everything has been either about buying something or selling something. Through ages this processes has changed many forms and techniques and the most recent technique used to sell items or services is through phone. Now whether you have your own Telemarketing team or you have outsourced your sales to a call center somewhere, telemarketing has never been easy specially the given current circumstances when everyone has chosen the Do Not Disturb services in order to avoid telemarketing calls it has become even more difficult for organizations to run such a campaign. Now a day’s everyone has a limited amount to time to spend with their family let alone deal with the long conversations over the phone with a person who is trying to sell him something. So, keeping this situation in mind in order to run a successful telemarketing campaign here are some tips which will surely help you make up your mind and devise a plan to even make it successful.

  1. Why Should You Call?

Ever wondered why most of the telemarketing calls never go beyond the initial greeting from the telemarketer? Well, in order to understand that we need to understand the customer and his/her needs before we pick the phone and start dialing the number. There has to some reason for the customer to stay on the call with you so that your product or service is sold to that person. So, first of all please do a little research about the type of customers that your product and/or service is designed for and instead of wasting your time in getting hung-up; pick the phone only when you know you understand the customer and the product enough to close the deal.

  1. Who Are You & Where You Are Calling From?

Before you start selling your items or service to the person on the other end of the line, please remember that you will need to introduce yourself and the company that you are representing or calling from. We all have been given this advice since childhood that we should not get into a conversation with strangers. So, as soon as we receive an anonymous call our subconscious kicks in the instructions to avert from that conversation. So, in order to avoid this situation it is better to introduce yourself and the company before you engage any business talk. It also helps in building a rapport with the customer as most of the sales are not done in the very first call, they tend to take a couple of follow-ups before an actual sale is made, since you have already introduced yourself and had a conversation in the past with the same person you will be able to connect with him/her on a personal level. Which will help that personal make the purchase and avoid hitting any road blocks on the way. Regardless whatever famous brand you are calling from, if they do not know you, they will not talk to you for more than a few seconds.

  1. Get Real!

Most of us have answered the telemarketing calls from various companies and call centers. But there is always one thing common in most of them, they all sound like they are reading a script and also have a foreign accent. Now do not get me wrong, but most of us do not talk to people with foreign accents as we are unable to understand them. The best way to avoid this situation when running your own telemarketing project please make sure that your staff does not sound like a machine or a robot. They have to indulge in a proper meaningful conversation with the customer in order make a sale. Otherwise they will be going now where from the initial greeting.

  1. Sell to the Right Person.

Necessity is the mother of invention! Same rule applies to sales. You simply cannot sell anything to someone who does not need or want it. So, in order to sell an item first you need to understand the customer who will either need it or want it. It is always easy to sell a horse to someone who owns a stable rather than to a person who lives in a high rise apartment building. In order to make any sales campaign successful we need to first understand that market that we wish to sell our product to. This is commonly known as market segmentation, through which you can easily identify your targeted customer base and develop the most successful marketing and sales campaign to maximize your profits.

  1. Make It Worth The Time And Money!

Why most of the sales are not completed is because the customer thinks the item or service is not worth the time and money that they are going to invest in it. In order to maximize your revenues and keep the sales staff upward you need to make sure that whatever is being sold by your organization is worth the money and time of your customers. As they are not going to buy it unless there is something in it for them. It may be a mobile application that will help them with their work or may be an electric veggie chopper for the wife at home to make her cooking time reduce. As long as there is some benefit in the product or service that you wish to sell to the customer, it will be sold and you will make money on it.

  1. Get The Right Staff.

The most important element of any organization is the staff which they hire. Whether you are running your telemarketing project in-house or have outsourced your sales to a call center. You need to make sure that the staff who will be working on your sales are the right person to do a job. Most of us think sales is a job but it is not, sales is an art which everyone can try to master but few succeed in that. In short the better sales team you have more sales you will generate. As the famous proverb says, “The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it”.

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