About Us

TalkAgent is the brain child of a team comprising of dedicated professionals having extensively proven track record in customer service/support and sales. We offer a comprehensive set of services and solutions for Voice and Non-Voice Operations which includes both training and offering a host of inbound and outbound calls along with chat and email support for numerous international campaigns with high quality considerations. We are considerably experienced in executing telesales, voice/non-voice customer support, telemarketing projects coupled with call center trainings for clients in public and private sector of various countries around the globe.


TalkAgent is an ultimate solution for all of your outsourcing needs. We provide non voice customer service as well as IT management services, serving many clients around the world. In a nutshell TalkAgent is an ultimate BPO. As one of the finest firms in the industry, we have the people, technology, and direction to help you succeed.

At TalkAgent we prefer quality on quantity yet providing the highest level of service at the lowest level of the price. Our exceptional service standards make us the first choice of our clients. We use state of the art IT infrastructure to cater the needs of our clients and their customers. So TalkAgent means nonstop business for you.


Would you open a store and have no sales people? The answer is no. So, why would you have a website with no online sales people? Our online sales agents are trained for your service and qualify every visitor to your site as a potential lead. Best of all this is live & in real-time. You will qualify more leads by using our live online chat agents guaranteed.

TalkAgent is an ultimate solution for all of your outsourcing needs. We provide customer service as well as sales support, serving many clients around the globe. In a nut shell, TalkAgent is an ultimate BPO which will increase your revenue and rate of customer satisfaction.


Providing human interaction in a conventionally impersonal medium gives a distinct edge. With TalkAgent, our agents are able to see what each potential client is viewing along with their path through your site, all in real-time. Online customer service agents can greet clients and offer support as they would if they were in a physical store, allowing the client to have a unique and customized shopping experience while visiting your site. It’s a proven fact that clients are 3 times as likely to make a purchase, and will purchase 40% more if they have chatted with a live sales representative.

It is our belief that every satisfied customer adds fairness to your brand and revenues accumulate only by creating as many such satisfied customers. We offer customer driven protected web interface with always on operator support adding value to your web enterprises across diverse industry verticals with responsiveness, expertise and responsibility at the heart of our service. Our professional chat agents provide you services across all time zones over our secure web interface which can be retrieved anytime anywhere. What you get is faster and real time resolution of customer queries: motivating them to probe deeper into your offering. We offer chat agent services that enables the user’s online rendezvous with you to function as an interactive channel where the visitors can get their queries answered from our dedicated team of experts therefore increasing the time of stay and higher chances of them getting converted to your clients.

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