Call Center Services

We at TalkAgent proudly presents our specialized call center services twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.
Serving clients through telephones is more convenient and quick as compared to serving them in person. With our 24/7 active call center services; we have been diligently serving our customers for over a decade. Our call center services are not just restricted to telephoning but we also employ live chat, email, texting and social media services. Clients expect consistency of experience, consistent connections, and proactive sharing of data. And this can be achieved with the help of an outsourced customer chat and phone support. The flexibility of our services allows your business to reach out to your wide customer base efficiently and effectively. Because for us, good customer service serves as the life-blood for our business.

What Makes Us a Standout amongst Others

For us, the customer service is the ultimate frontier where we deliver prominent corporate services. Our call center services focus on attention and complete satisfaction not just for the provider but more importantly for the client. The minimum dead time of call center services considerably enhance your business overall performance and is very profitable.

We have been serving people of the US for more than ten years with our talent based routing system. Our talented and experienced agents can instantly judge the person on the other side of the line. They know how to deal with specific type of customers, how to calm their nerves, whether they would be pleased with the multiple offers in hand or with heavy discounts. Skills are assigned to an agent on the system and then the calls are automatically routed to an available agent with the talent to handle a particular customer.

90 percent of the call center client issues, complaints, or inquiries will be taken care of within five minutes. Product return processing and credits will be posted to client accounts within three business days. Plus, issues regarding services or products worth X amount will be taken care of within two business days.

Our Call Center Services Include

Plain and simple; customer service can make or break your business. Want to talk to our agent? Give us a call, fire an email or just visit our website and start a live chat.

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