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An IT Firm Needed Support For Surveillance Related Products and Services

An IT Firm Needed Support For Surveillance Related Products and Services

Project summary

An American company that develops, manufactures and provides customers with high quality and affordable surveillance and IT related products and services, outsourced their operations to us during holidays and festival season. We handled live chat, order verification, and order delivery and online sales. We used agents who could handle an order when it is placed and interact with them just like a physical person.


This American company needed a team to manage their website and it’s sales 24×7 when they are unable to provide support to their customers. They don’t want to lose their share of market to other market players during holidays and festival season, but they were unable to come with cost effective solution.


We assigned 6 agents who would maintain operations on the website. This included live chat agents who would handle concurrent customers and also responsible for online sales. 2 agents per 8 hour shift are used to overcome the load.


Sales went up 10-15% after our support was implemented. Client was able to do and earn business even when other market players were not available to meet the demands of the customers. Customers highly appreciated the implemented program and prefer this vendor for related products.

Detailed Outcomes

TalkAgent still remains the core team for this client. They count on us to handle all customers via live chat and phone verification of orders. The program turned out to be very effective both sales and cost effectiveness wise. Live chats are answered instantly and orders were dispatched within a day with the help of lead generated. A high level of technical support at a fairly reasonable price increased the level of satisfaction. Customer relations for a lifetime were developed. With feedback system in place a continuous process of innovation was pursued.

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