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Artificially Engineered Data Testing Service Enhances Customer Experience With Live Chat

Artificially Engineered Data Testing Service Enhances Customer Experience With Live Chat

Project summary

A US company having expertise in automating the generation of large sets of fully artificial engineered data for testing to meet the consistency and realism requirements that system performance testing demands, outsourced their customer support to us. We handled live chat, offered them excellent customer experience created leads by assimilating data and creation of data for testing purpose. We formed a team for them with experience in this particular field.


The data that was used was fully generated from scratch with the help of research to protect the privacy issue and security concerns. The data compiling was a huge task and lead generation was costing them a lot. The fields were many from doctorate health research to app launch to real estate. This huge operation demands experienced professionals and quality data to serve the purpose.


We assigned 12 agents who would maintain operations on the website. This included agents who would handle multiple industries data. 4 agents per 8 hour shift were assigned for lead and targeted data generation.


Sales went up 35% after our support was implemented. Client was able to scale the business by having an affordable team to do data gathering and lead generation in any field client asked for. At the same time, cost was declined 40% due to outsourcing decision of the company.

Detailed Outcomes

TalkAgent was the core team for this client success and streamlining of the whole process. They counted on us to handle all lead generation, live chat, email and ticket support. Due to outsourcing, there was an increase in their online sale month on month basis and considerable decline in operational cost. In different US states, leads for clients and even Government for almost every sector was available for research and testing.

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