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How An Online Game Portal Got A 91% Boost To Their Live Chats After Switching To TalkAgent

How An Online Game Portal Got A 91% Boost To Their Live Chats After Switching To TalkAgent

Project summary

An online skill-game portal with cost effective subscription was having trouble with bounce rate, customer feedback, confused user journey and customer retention. They needed a simple and intuitive live chat tool that would look integral within their product, but still attract users’ attention and encourage them for a quick sign up or to start a conversation.


Though the online skill-game portal used live chat tool for quite some time, they weren’t satisfied with the limited customization options. They didn’t like their live chat widget layout and the fact they couldn’t place it freely on their website. Also, it looked kind of terrible on mobile devices. In spite of having a good website traffic, our client couldn’t engage with them directly for offering instant assistance.


Our live chat agents assisted the website visitors to keep playing until they win and helped the users in subscribing and initiating account on the website. We also handled their accounts and billing via email support and voice support and assisted users in winning prizes. There are three fundamental things our client appreciated from the beginning—live chat widget design, mobile version, and instantaneous high-quality customer support.


If something is right for you, you can instantly see positive outcomes. After switching to TalkAgent, our client saw a huge boost to their live chat key figures. 91% more high-quality conversations were observed. For some reason, users found a new live chat more appealing and started using it twice as often as before.

Detailed Outcomes

The quality of chat conversations improved, too. The new live chat became a great source of invaluable feedback from customers. There was longer conversation time (in a good way). Chat conversations became more meaningful and essential, which translated into how long they are. Overall, the customer satisfaction rate improved dramatically.

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