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Integrating Multilingual Live Chat Boosts Customer Engagement Rate Of An E-Learning Website

Integrating Multilingual Live Chat Boosts Customer Engagement Rate Of An E-Learning Website

Project summary

An e-learning institute specializing in training and developing English communication skills and other courses turned to TalkAgent for live chat support. The high volume of online visitors and subsequent delays in handling student queries on the website was one of the major reasons why the university chose to consider a live chat solution.

The key service they wanted to offer to their visitors was interactive two-way communication on the website. The university effectively increased their web engagement through round-the-clock student support provided by TalkAgent’s live chat service. The proactive response of live chat agents adds value to the student support process, by providing a human touch to every conversation.


The client wanted to quickly communicate and respond to visitors who are seeking information about courses, form filing, payment plan, etc. In spite of having a good website traffic, the client couldn’t engage with them directly for offering instant assistance. Our client faced: • Lack of an interactive communication process with online visitors • Unable to cater to heavy traffic on the website • High volume of student queries in different languages


With live chat, our client can communicate with potential guests on their terms. The visitors seem to like the fact that they can communicate with a real person and remain anonymous at the same time. Live chat agents added a human element to the online support We offered: • 24/7student support through live chat • Multi lingual support to proactively engage online visitors


By successfully offering 24/7 customer support, our client has witnessed a 10% increment in its total online leads. The distinctive outcomes were: • Quick response time and round-the-clock problem resolution • Proactive visitor engagement • Customer retention boosts up to 40% as satisfactory human touch was implicated.

Detailed Outcomes

While the website abandonment rate has decreased drastically, the total engagement rate with the customers has increased by 20%. Quick response time during live chat ensures that visitors are provided with an instant solution. The multilingual chat support helps the client interact with visitors who speak different languages.

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