Case Studies

Lead Generation for a Chinese Mobile Company

Lead Generation for a Chinese Mobile Company

Project summary

A well established Chinese company providing mobile phones to the entire world hired to outsource customer support. Because they have to deal with multiple clients who speak many other languages. They were having some issues in dealing with their customers. We helped them by providing lead generation, converting them into Chinese language and then forward them to the company.


The mobile company was facing many problems including low traffic, tons of unqualified leads, tight budget and much more. They were losing a lot of their customers, lagging behind in the respective field due to these reasons. In short, they were badly in need of professionals and efficient services to deal with these issues.


We allocated four agents who handled the operations over internet. They can also handle multiple industry data. One agent per 9 hour shift was assigned for lead generation and converting foreign language into Chinese and then forward the leads to them.


There was 40% increase in their sales after we implemented our support. Lead generation was accurate and targeted with 50% reduction of client cost. There was an imminent surge of online sales. 99% positive feedback was generated as the customer service and support was 24/7 active and helping.

Detailed Outcomes

With the help of our proficient agents, the whole company observed overall positivity. The revenue enhanced and sales went up high. The set goals were achieved.

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