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Lead Generating software for Biomedical Solution Provider

Lead Generating software for Biomedical Solution Provider

Project summary

A company with Health and Doctors related software for time scheduling, tracking of hours on work detailed monitoring of activity and productivity, sales and after sales support, outsourced their operations to TalkAgent. We created leads by assimilating data, online sales and helped customers with technical and login problems. We formed a team for them with experience in this particular field. Customers were given instant features update and information about the product. Our lead generating software helps them in a significant sales boost.


Online sales were declining, as there was no proper lead generation. Due to increased amount of customers, proper support seemed very difficult for them to mange in-house. The data compiling was a huge task and lead generation was costing them a lot. The situation demanded experienced professionals and excellent sales team to serve the purpose.


We assigned 3 agents who would handle operations on the website. This included agents who would handle multiple industries data. We assigned 1 agents per 8 hour shift for lead generation, technical and customer support.


Sales went up 30-35% after our support was implemented. Client’s cost was reduced by 50% and lead generation was accurate and targeted. Online sales saw a surge. Customer queries regarding login and configuration of software produced 99% positive feedbacks.

Detailed Outcomes

Due to TalkAgent, whole company observed positivity. They counted on us to handle all lead generation, after sale support. Due to outsourcing, there was an increase in their online sales month on month basis and considerable decline in operational cost. The software offered for sale was an excellent tool for time management and proper explanation on how to use it requires an experienced team. The set targets were achieved with proper planning and implementation of designed guidelines.

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