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Using Virtual Agent Software Program To Make Road Freight Company’s Customer Service Soar

Using Virtual Agent Software Program To Make Road Freight Company’s Customer Service Soar

Project summary

A full-service transportation company offering personalized support to ensure meticulous transference of freight and cargo was facing difficulty with their voice department. The call volumes continued to increase and the call handling process itself became more complex and lengthy. With the assistance of our virtual agent software program, they experienced increased productivity and more revenue with reduced in-house staff and decreased operational cost.


As the call volumes continued to increase and call handling process became complex, they recognized that they needed to place an emphasis on retaining the contact center’s knowledgeable and skilled agents in order to keep service level high and improve the average speed of their answering service. Their customer support was being compromised due to increased downtime and call dropping leading to poor customer feedback.


Our virtual agent software program tightly integrates automatic call distribution functionality with sophisticated computer telephony, integration applications in both traditional circuit-switched networks and session initiation protocol based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) environments, while providing 99.999 percent availability.


They experienced enhanced productivity and increased revenue with reduced staff and operation costs. With improved customer service and rapid return on investment, the company was enabled to maximize its profits, reduce turnover time, deliver superior customer service and improve the overall performance to better meet the company’s ultimate objectives. As a result, they made the decision to permanently implement our virtual agent software program.

Detailed Outcomes

The client benefited from smoother and accurate VoIP processing, on time call answering service, reduced turnaround time, and satisfied vendors, among above mentioned things. The customer retention rate scaled up to 78% in less than 4 months.

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