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Customer Service Skills That Make You Stand Out Among The Rest

Customer Service Skills That Make You Stand Out Among The Rest

How do you provide outstanding customer service skills that will set you apart from the fierce competition and help you win over customer loyalty? It’s primarily your service employees who are responsible for your customers’ happiness. Do the members of your customer service team have all it takes to consistently delight your customers? Do they possess all the necessary skills to keep clients satisfied even in the worst possible service scenarios?

Customer Service Skills That Matters

Customer service skills can actually make a huge difference between the average customer service agent and the one who is able to provide that WOW service your customers will remember and certainly appreciate.

Clear Communication

As digital technologies continue to take over customer service, written communication skills have become just as (or even more) important, especially for those service agents dealing with customers primarily over email, messengers, live chat or social media.

How to improve written communication

1. Use positive language and avoid negative phrases

2. Write short sentences and short paragraphs that are easy to read

3. Make sure your message is clear, precise and relevant

4. Provide a complete response in one message

5. Look for potential misunderstandings and edit if necessary

6. Write in a friendly but professional tone

7. Check your spelling and grammar using special tools

8. Always proofread your message before sending it

Active Listening

The best way to improve your listening skills is to practice ‘active listening’. It means making a conscious effort to hear not only what is being said, but also, more importantly, pay attention to what is left unsaid in order to understand the complete message being communicated.

How to develop active listening

1. Be attentive, focused and relaxed

2. Show that you are listening (eye contact, posture, smile etc.)

3. Keep an open mind with no judgment or mental criticizing

4. Don’t interrupt – let them speak out

5. Wait for the customer to pause to ask clarifying questions

6. Give the customer regular feedback

7. Summarize to ensure understanding

8. Pay attention to nonverbal cues


Whenever you have to deal with confused and frustrated customers, which happens quite often in the daily routine of service reps, maintaining your patience in every service interaction will instantly set you apart.

How to cultivate patience

1. Practice thinking before you speak

2. Remember that in most cases the customer is not upset with you personally

3. Always think of the consequences of not keeping your cool

4. Control your negative self-talk

5. Focus on what the customer needs, not on how the message is delivered

6. Get rid of the habit of interrupting

7. Listen and ask questions with a positive attitude

8. Learn how to relieve stress after work

Do you agree that mastering these customer service skills will really make you stand out as an exceptional customer service professional? What other skills that are as just as important could complement the list?

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