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Don’t Lose Your Customers To A Bad Contact Center Experience

Don’t Lose Your Customers To A Bad Contact Center Experience

Almost 79% of customers indicate that they will leave you if you provide them just one bad customer experience. Consumers not only demand the best from your product or service, but they demand the best from your people, and your systems. There isn’t much room for error, and a lot is at stake!

So, what constitutes a “bad customer experience”? Answering that question is critical. Certainly, you have to be good at execution. But it’s not just a matter of how well you run your systems. According to recent studies, businesses believe they are delivering on the promise of omnichannel experiences. However, the perception from consumers is not matched. Consumers rated customer service 17 % lower, on average, across more than 10 channels.

The Omnichannel For Your Customers

Your channels and technology have to meet customer needs. You have to see it from the consumer’s point of view. For example, you can be the best in the business at providing technical support over email. But if customers hate the experience of interacting with your company over email, it won’t matter how good you are at it. They will describe the experience as “bad”, and likely seek a new provider.

As you consider frameworks, platforms, and providers to help you manage interactions with your consumer base, make sure you are informed about current trends in customer demands.

A benchmark survey found that there are areas of disconnect between business perceived success and consumer satisfaction. The results are enlightening. In an age where the quality and capability of digital channels is improving daily, it’s reasonable to assume that customers will increasingly value communications over those channels. But, what are they seeking through those channels? And what role does the tried-and-true Voice channel play today? Is it a dinosaur, competing to stay relevant in today’s always-connected smart phone environment? Or is it more important than ever?


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