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Why Email Support Is Much More Profitable Over Phone Support

Why Email Support Is Much More Profitable Over Phone Support

In modern times where technology has surpassed over everything, more and more people are developing interest in email support as compared to phone support. Thus, you can say that voice to voice customer service is disappearing from the scene. Email support is now considered as the most acceptable and convenient mode of communication with the customer. It develops everlasting relationship between the customer and the service provider. Sadly, most of the companies do not actually focus on their email customer support and this is why the queries of customers keep neglecting for days. Either they are unanswered or are answered late. And this thing, ultimately, becomes a causal agent for the demise of any business.

Now the question is, why email support? You remember the time when we were kids and loved playing with our imaginary phone attached to a string? We used to whisper a phrase and the other friend had to whisper it further to the next adjacent friend. The first friend whispered “pineapple butts” and by the time it reaches to the last friend it becomes “purple burps”. Why the phrase drastically changed? The reason—Miscommunication. This is what happens when you are dealing with multiple individuals on one team, the phone support can end up looking like this. Keeping this in mind, I am presenting some of the cherry-picked reasons for which it clears the fact that why email support is much more profitable over phone support.

Have a look at them!

  • Accessible Through Smart Phones

According to statistic portal Statista, more than 2.5 billion people will be using smartphones up to 2019. Majority of the people use email app of their smartphones to stay connected with the world. They can always be in touch with the brand or company and send their queries and suggestions easily. Moreover, they can also check the response of their requests when even on the move.

  • Cost Effective Medium

This is the most important reason why more and more people opt email support over phone support. It is significantly cheaper medium for the customers to forward their queries and they prefer it too. On the other hand, w.r.t to the company, it offers cheaper outsourcing for email support as compared to phone support.

  • Conversation Remains Private

Email chat support is totally private unlike other means of communication. Most of the customers prefer to address the requests and queries privately. This is why email support offers a private and secure way of customer service.

  • Availability Of The Attached Files

Some of the queries require a supportive document to get acknowledge easily. And email support is the best mode to do so. He agent can send screenshots too in order to make sure that the client has grasp the complete idea of particular problem and its solution.

  • Best Suitable For The Busy Customers

People have more important things to do than to wait for a long time on phone support. The busy customers can get frustrated if they have to wait in queues. Just writing a query and sending it through email is what such category of customers want.

  • A Trusted Channel

People tend to trust written thing maybe because there is a sign of authorized statement associated. They feel that addressing their problems in a proper written manner will offer them quick and effective response. And if there occurred a dispute between the customer and the company, both can take advantage of the written stuff.

  • Issues And Responses Described In A Detailed Manner

Email support offers a detailed discussion of queries and their solutions as compared to phone support. Customers tend to address their problems in detail when using email support and same is the case with the service provider.

These are just mere points but they can become advantageous for your business if your email support is quick and efficient.

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