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Engage Visitors This Holiday Season Through Live Chat Support

Engage Visitors This Holiday Season Through Live Chat Support

Christmas Holidays—busy time for entrepreneurship and for customer service!

“Are there enough people to handle the traffic, are they ready to sustain the load? Is my channel decorated? Are all tools in place to make it fast, efficient, simple and effective?” – All these questions boggle the mind of every website owner a good few weeks before the show starts. After all, busy holiday time is another opportunity to strengthen relationships with current customers and win over someone new. It’s definitely a good time to do some extra work in this field. How you can engage visitors this holiday season through live chat support? Let’s see what things you need to attend to while getting yourself ready for the big time.

Holiday Season And Live Chat Support

More and more people are getting comfortable reaching out to a company via social media or live chat support. Make sure you have those channels available for those clients who prefer them and also to reduce the load on your phone and email support lines. You never know how a new customer is going to stumble upon your website, so it’s good to have quick availability across all places where you maintain your online presence.

Make interaction with your website beautiful and pleasant. Share your festive spirit with the clients. It may be hard to do it on the phone, other than by instructing your reps for proper holiday greetings, but on social media and live chat channels you could do much. Here is an example of how you can decorate your website and social media channels with nice holiday-themed chat icons. You could also do holiday covers and special greetings to be included on your live chat support window, on social media and your email. Creating a memorable experience is important.

Customers are shopping day and night before holidays. So if you are not offering support outside of regular business hours, try to stretch those a bit more into late evening and weekend hours. Ideally, you could work out a 24/7 schedule for your live chat agents team to last for at least a few weeks to cover all time zones and provide service to every single client. The more effort you invest during this time, the bigger return you can get, both short and long-term.

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