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Happy Leaders | Happy Employees And Happy Customer Service

Happy Leaders | Happy Employees And Happy Customer Service

Happy customer service initiate with the most contented way you speak about your workers. Being a leader if you are concerned about your employees, the same reflects in their services. Many of you have experienced this power of relation while working in a call center or in a casino. You have to deliver the quality customer service regardless of the customer mood. The mood may swing up or down for most Research

Your Emotions Let You Serve Better

Researches in neuropsychology demonstrate that emotions are communicable. A change in one person’s mood factually affects the brains of others. Apparently emotions spread from the person in charge so, when you’re controlling things, the emotions will release from you frequently.

When you feel nervous, or simply annoyed, with your workers, you’re weakening their abilities to work well. The employee will be in weakened state of mind while working, and interacts with customers with the same effect which in turn creates problems.

On the other hand, when you appreciate your workers, you spread a positive mood which facilitates them to perform well. It’s natural that people feel good to be cared for and it’s positively affect on their performance when they hear words like: “You count, you matter to us.”With such positive mood and behaviour, it’s easy for workers to work and serve clients better.

Happy Worker Happy Clients

Happy workers make happy customer service. Several researches have shown that employees transfer their emotional state of mind through emotions which helps them increase performance and make customers happy. Emotions work like a virus. You will remember a smiling face when you smiled back at once – it’s the emotional working of your mind like a virus.

Workers with positive emotions positively influence customers. Though, you shouldn’t turn it into a procedure. That being said, if a worker is just acting, the emotions won’t work for him or her.

The best way is to make your employees happy and help them to stay focus. You can make this happen by making yourself happy first. Nurturing your emotions will set a good pattern for your employees, which in turn help them serve better.

By putting your workers first, you can bring understanding and care out of your employees. And it will result in quality and happy customer service. In a nutshell, If you are the leader, it all starts from you.

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