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How to improve advantages of email marketing?

How to improve advantages of email marketing?

Some may say that email marketing is dead or obsolete but that not true at all. Have you ever noticed how many emails you get in 24 hours, well the average is between 70-80 email per day and it is going to increase 20-25% in the coming year as most of the organizations are coming back to this form of marketing. The reason for this come back is the realization by most of the organizations that email marketing is one of the most cost effective yet practical way of marketing their product or service to the masses. It can be used in various ways to generate business and traffic for your website.

The question rises that if email marketing has been one of the most effective ways of marketing then why it has been left out in the past. Well, that is because of the misuse of this technique due to which most of emails which we receive nowadays are either junk or spam. So, in order to make sure that your email marketing campaign is on the right track and you are doing what you are suppose to do you need to make sure that you think out of box and be innovative with your email techniques. This can be anything like info-graphics, videos, or the content of your email as long as it is relative to your product or service and generates customers it is worthy enough to be used in your campaign. Once you have defined a strategy to employ email marketing you need to think about taking it to the next level as the market is changing every minute. So, you need to think of something to stay ahead of your competitors.

Be Unique

Your customers are not interested in the listening to what every other company has to say about their product and service from you as well. They want to something different, take it in this way can you eat the same thing every day for the rest of your life? Well the answer is simple you will not; why? Because you want change in your life. The same rule applies to your customers they will not read your emails or listen to your message if it is the same as everyone else in the market. You will need to stand out from the rest of the crowd to be heard and to be noticed. So, be unique in your message and emails so that you can have the actual attention which you want from your customers.

Timing Is Critical To Success

In order to get the maximum response and attention from your customers through email marketing you need to make sure that you follow proper timings. How often do you check and actually response do email during your busy hours? But when you start your day you try to check all your emails and respond to them. So, in order to make sure that your emails are read and responded properly you need to make sure that they land in your customer’s inbox in time to maximum attention. Most of the email which are received over the weekend get higher response rates as compared to the emails which are sent during the weekdays as most of the customers are busy during them. So, make sure to keep the timing perfect with respect to your customer’s time zone and patterns.

First Impression Matters!

As we all know, “First Impression is the last impression”. For any communication the opening lines are the most important as that is how you grasp everyone’s attention. When it comes to emails that is your “Subject Line” . If you have a weak or an ordinary subject line there is a higher chance that your email will not be checked and read but if your subject line is attractive and catchy then it will get customer’s attention and he/she will read it, giving it higher chances to be responded and standing out from rest of the emails in the inbox.

Be Direct and Convincing

In today’s fast moving world no one has time to read through a long email just to understand or know about your product or service. You need to be precise and your message should be direct and clear about what you are selling or offering. Along with being in direct your message should also be convincing and realistic enough for the customer to believe in your product and/or service.

Call To Action

Most important of all do not forget to add call to action in your emails if you are looking for improved results through email marketing. Simple emails will be read but if they lack CTAs you will not have customers on your website inquiring about the product or services. So, in order make sure that your efforts are rewarded and your conversion rate goes up you need to make sure that you have a valid and good CTA well placed in your emails to attract customer’s attention.

These above mentioned techniques are some of widely used solutions to make email marketing more effective. Considering the facts and figures which are available online on various email and social media marketing websites email marketing is far from being dead or obsolete. It is just a bit behind all the other options but it is coming back and it will be ahead of all the other marketing techniques as it is one of the most cost effective yet productive marketing solutions to be put to use.

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