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Follow Live Chat Etiquettes to Type Questions Correctly

Follow Live Chat Etiquettes to Type Questions Correctly

Certainly, the main goal of a live chat agent is to help the customer. Assistance might be needed with various things: placing an order; setting up, fixing or replacing a product, scheduling an appointment, etc. Something extra to gain here is customer satisfaction. Lightning quick service with a friendly approach, sense of humor and a little surprise (like an upgrade on delivery, discount for future orders, better deal) will turn the chat into a memorable experience and will make the customer a lifelong fan of your brand. And if these parameters are followed with live chat etiquettes, then it’s bingo!

Follow These Live Chat Etiquettes Constantly

  • Know your resources – it’s also part of good customer service training to know where to send people asking for detailed product specifics or particular section of the website. It will work especially well with comprehensive base of links and canned responses.
  • Know the offer – be certain of what you are saying about the product or service. Well-trained and knowledgeable staff is a good way to impress people.
  • Focus on solving the issue – although sometimes a general chitchat might be appreciated, especially with a returning customer, try not to go off-topic too much. ‘Let’s get back to business’ usually helps with bringing the visitor back to the right subject.
  • Leave your attitude at the door – restrain from comments and own opinions, keep the sarcasm for yourself. Instead of inflaming the situation, try to calm down the angry person on the other side.
  • Listen patiently – allow customer to explain the issue in details. Understanding where the actual problem lies is the quickest path to the solution.
  • Be cheerful and polite – well, it’s not only about solving the issue, but also about the way it’s done. Try to put a smile on customer’s face. And that is why it is one of the must follow live chat etiquettes.
  • Don’t lie – the obvious one, huh? If you promise something (like free delivery), keep that promise and spare the future disappointment (‘I need to pay for that!’). The worst truth is better than the sweetest lie.
  • Be clear – reply yes/no and elaborate on that, do not simply use one or the other.
  • Don’t be afraid of transferring the chats – don’t ask for permission when you need to make a transfer. However, you need to make sure to inform the customer that all chat details are being transferred to another rep. Customers hate repeating themselves.

Don’t Miss Out On Live Chat Etiquettes

Chat support can be quantified similarly to the help offered by contact centers. There’s a handful of measures that describe the value of live chat implementation and reflect customer satisfaction. Following aforementioned live chat etiquettes will be your gateway to success.

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