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Live Chat Facilitates Twofold Increased Conversion Rate

Live Chat Facilitates Twofold Increased Conversion Rate

Spending a fortune on attracting more web visitors or using an economical solution to increased Conversion Rate of your existing traffic. What would you choose? Obviously, the latter.

You will find a number of blogs explaining how to optimize your website for conversions. From the website copy, color of your buttons, and images—all of these emphasize on the aesthetics of your website.

But what about the personalization of website for each visitor? What about the human touch? Here’s Live Chat is your savior!

Returning Customers & Increased Conversion Rate

Live chat feature delivers a good impact on website visitors and it surely leads to increase in returning visitors.

When customers are assisted in real time for processing an order or purchasing a service, they are more likely to pay multiple visits for any further concern.

89% of customers are inclined to buy form websites where buying process is made useful and convenient.

Customer Retention & Increased Conversion Rate

Your customer stay connected with you for a long period of time which increases the chances of conversion. It not only improves chances for further business opportunities but also for referral programs.

Easy-To-Reach & Reliable Point Of Contact

It is hard to build a purposeful relationship during a one-off, one-time conversation. That is why it is vital that customers reach out to the concerned people on your team each time they have a query or an issue, and to inspire them to reach out as frequently as they need to.

For it to happen, you have to consider practicing these things:

  • Make Connecting Easy

Make your live chat team easy to reach. This means no extensive waiting time or response time. Feature a chat button on each screen of your software to make sure that your clients can get great support easily when they need it.

  • Allocate Clients to Reliable Support Staff

If you run a big organization with a large support staff, you might need a method of allocating clients to certain representatives so they get a chance to know each other. If you already have a smaller support staff that is managing all the chats, this might happen naturally. This can prove as a milestone in increasing conversion rate.

Live Chat Is Crucial For 44% Of Web Consumers

A research conducted by Forrester Research called “Making Proactive Chat Work” states that 44% of web customers consider live chat feature essential for a website to offer.

The major reason behind that is people want their questions answered quickly before buying a product. The same report also concluded that 57% of web customer will leave your website if they don’t receive a quick response.

Read a recent case study regarding our expertise in handling E-commerce website for sales and customer service. Time is money, and the longer it takes to answer customer queries – the more likely you’ll lose that sale. Live chat cuts support costs in half and increases conversion rate by twofold.

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