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Our Team Members are Customer Service Champions

Our Team Members are Customer Service Champions

At TalkAgent.com we have been providing excellent customer services and support to various website and companies across the globe through Live Chat Support, Phone Support and Email Support. Our support teams work around the clock to provide service to thousands of customers across the globe. In our eyes if there is anyone who deserve to be hold the title of Customer Service Champion are these people. These are the people who make sure that your customers are catered properly and they receive the level of support which they deserve. The questions is how are they selected to be the champions? Well, every support team has its own criterion of selecting a champion which is listed below.

Live Chat Support

In order to select a Champion from Live Chat Agents they have to go through the processes of scoring maximum number of points in terms of quality delivered through chat, number of chats handled, hours put in to work etc. At TalkAgent we make sure that all the chats are monitored and screened for any mistakes which may occur since we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. Our live chat agents work around the clock to provide support for various websites in multi-lingual environment. So, the agent who scores maximum points in all the aforementioned area is named as Customer Service Champion – Live Chat Support

Phone Support

Phone support is entirely different as compared to live chat support, even though there are no multiple instances to push the agent to his/her limits but handling customers from different walks of life facing issues with some product or service which they are using or going to use certainly has its toll on the agents. In order to select the Champion from the Phone Support team they have to complete the check list of KPIs and the one who scores maximum points in terms of quality and KPIs is awarded with the title of Customer Service Champion – Phone Support.

Email Support

Selecting a champion from Email Support can be tricky as an email support agent can respond to hundreds of emails during his shift. So, it falls on the quality team to go through all the email scripts to ensure that all the SOPs were followed and there were no mistakes in the emails which were sent to the customers. The same rule applies here to select the champion, any agent who scores the maximum in terms of quality and SOPs is declared as a Customer Service Champion – Email Support.

Why Do We Need Champions?

Well, every now and then recognition matters as it boosts the moral and spirit of the one who is working tirelessly to help someone else’s customers. Truth be told people working in customer services are the nothing less than a hero. They do all the work, they even have to listen to people’s abusive words and still smile on the calls or reflect the smiling attitude through chat support. They are the ones who can resolve your issues without frowning or showing any disrespect or contempt. They are the ones who are always there to help you. At TalkAgent.com we feel proud and gratified to work with these champions who deserve all the respect they can get. Our agents whether they are working in live chat support, phone support or email support are the true champions of customer service.

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