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15 Never-To-Use Phrases As A Call Center Agent

Customer service agents often make certain statements and say things, either out of ignorance or out of negligence, that leave the customers unvalued and angry. Effective training of the call center agent is essential when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ongoing coaching on “what to say” and more importantly “what not to say” when a customer calls, is really critical. By replacing displeasing phrases with professional and positive words, one can improve customer experience to a considerable […]

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Sincere Agent Appreciation: Showing It The Right Way!

According to some studies conducted by the Harvard Medical School, workplace appreciation and gratitude enhances company culture and ensures the wellbeing of employees. It is known widely that majority of call center agents are under constant stress. You can increase their motivation level, by recognizing and respecting their efforts. In return, they will perform and deliver the best results for your company. Here Are 5 Ways for Sincere Agent Appreciation: Showing It The Right Way! SPEND TIME WITH THEM Employees […]

Call Center Services for your Newly Established Business

Customer service is way more important for customers as well as the business owners. Good customer service offers a new dimension to a business where clients completely rely on the company. Hiring call center services for inbound as well as outbound calls enables companies to grow and expand. No worries over promoting and advertising your business when a third party service provider can do the task for you. There are many jolly good reasons to opt call center services for […]

The Do’s And Don’ts for a Call Center Agent

A call center job is challenging but rewarding. Taking orders from customers, providing outsourcing support to the businesses, building a good relationship between the client and service provider—all of these responsibilities are the job of a call center agent. Being a call center agent, there is another important thing that you have to deal with—the variety of customers. A good call center agent is one who knows what the client wants, what mood he is in and to what extent […]

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