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Maintaining Customer Loyalty In An Impersonal Digital World

I’ve often thought that customer loyalty was all about making the customer the king by maintaining transparent ethical practices, sound policies, and impressive customer service. Technology, however and the busy retail world of the Internet brings more competition, more inventory, convenience, and cheaper prices. Shopaholics notoriously are in the constant search for the best prices and the best choices, so what is any retailer to do? After all, a business can’t survive on one visit per customer; then comes that uphill […]

The Key To Excellent Customer Services

It is a fact that excellent customer service is the main goal of most consumer-oriented organizations as it is the factor that guarantees repeat customers and a continuously growing consumer base. This is why many consumer-oriented businesses believe wholeheartedly in training employees on customer service principles geared at achieving excellence. Some of them even consider the fact that excellent customer service begins way before the actual training, as it is the individual that either has the right traits or not. […]

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