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data analytics

How To Completely Understand The Types Of Data Analytics

Modern businesses increasingly rely on data to succeed, taking on the “data-centric” tag. As large amounts of data allow companies and their products to evolve quickly efficiently to address the demands of customers, the trend will continue to strengthen. To surpass in the adoption of data analytics in the call centers, you need to have a complete grasp of all the types of data analytics. Types Of Data Analytics Descriptive Analytics A preparatory stage in data processing that summarizes data […]

data analytics

The Adoption Of Data Analytics In Call Center—What Slows It Down?

What allows various brands and their call centers to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors — data analytics. So why do very few organizations adopting this technology? In an industry driven by digital technology, measuring customer satisfaction through quantitative, transaction-based metrics isn’t enough. Brands need to dig through mounts of data to make sense of what clients actually want. Hovering itself a solution to this, data analytics has often been advertised as a game-changer in the area of customer […]

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