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Talkagent As Emerging Contact Center Leader

Talkagent As Emerging Contact Center Leader

TalkAgent is excited to be named an Emerging Contact Center Leader by resourceful authorities, a worldwide B2B research, hi-tech outsourcing, ratings, and reviews company for IT and business services providers. As more companies and consumers use solutions and products that employ emerging technologies, the company has experienced rapid growth in their development research segments, overseeing technology experts that provide cutting-edge services such as Live Chat Support, Voice Support, Help Desk Services, Email Support, etc. Talkagent—A Solid Foothold In Market Throughout […]


Engage Visitors This Holiday Season Through Live Chat Support

Christmas Holidays—busy time for entrepreneurship and for customer service! “Are there enough people to handle the traffic, are they ready to sustain the load? Is my channel decorated? Are all tools in place to make it fast, efficient, simple and effective?” – All these questions boggle the mind of every website owner a good few weeks before the show starts. After all, busy holiday time is another opportunity to strengthen relationships with current customers and win over someone new. It’s […]

Why Email Support Is Much More Profitable Over Phone Support

In modern times where technology has surpassed over everything, more and more people are developing interest in email support as compared to phone support. Thus, you can say that voice to voice customer service is disappearing from the scene. Email support is now considered as the most acceptable and convenient mode of communication with the customer. It develops everlasting relationship between the customer and the service provider. Sadly, most of the companies do not actually focus on their email customer […]

Marketing Emails autoresponder

How To Create Perfect Auto responder Marketing Emails

95 out of 100 times when we receive a Marketing Email or the first response to a query it is generated through an Autoresponder which is, “Your request has been received and we will shortly get back to you.”. Considering the number of emails which needs to be responded for any organization Autoresponder does an amazing job at minimizing the workload and expediting the process. This feature can also be put to use when running an Email Marketing Campaign as […]

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