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Avoid These Disastrous Telemarketing Mistakes

“How are you today?” Ever heard that one before? It’s a sure fire way for a potential prospect to deduce in 2 seconds that this is a cold call. Much loved by offshore Call Centers, it isn’t sadly only the preserve of poor quality, high volume calls. It’s okay if you know someone but it’s a big no-no if you don’t. The prospect knows that you don’t care how they are. So don’t do it. Keeping this in mind, I […]

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What Benefits Telemarketing Services Offers You

Need to get word of your business out quickly and at a low cost? Telemarketing services are the way to go. It is an effective way of creating new business contacts, and it allows you to reach an audience that you otherwise may not be able to. Telemarketing is composed of two kinds of service, inbound and outbound. They have many differences, but achieve the same goal: to garner sales and provide service to customers. Telemarketing services is the fastest growing […]

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