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The Key To Excellent Customer Services

The Key To Excellent Customer Services

It is a fact that excellent customer service is the main goal of most consumer-oriented organizations as it is the factor that guarantees repeat customers and a continuously growing consumer base. This is why many consumer-oriented businesses believe wholeheartedly in training employees on customer service principles geared at achieving excellence. Some of them even consider the fact that excellent customer service begins way before the actual training, as it is the individual that either has the right traits or not. There are various basic qualities and characteristics customer service representatives must possess in order to interact with your organization’s most valuable asset, the consumer. These traits also define the person’s ability to become a good overall employee that strives for excellence. So the key to excellent customer service is hiring the right people.

How to Create the Best Job Advertisement

When it comes to creating the best job advertisement on your local newspapers and online job search websites, it is essential to be clear and concise in listing required qualifications. It is even recommended to explain why your organization is unique and what makes working there interesting and worthwhile for potential employees. Too many organizations focus primarily on what they need. They seem to forget that finding the right employees is a two-way relationship that requires attracting the right employees. When your advertisement is concise and attractive, your organization will have better chances of finding the brightest and the best. In addition, your advertisement should clearly describe the job with a list of all possible responsibilities an employee must achieve. Finally, your advertisement should include information about the value of the position. When you attract people who want to be valued in the workplace, you are attracting those who will value your customers.

Traits and Characteristics of a Great Customer Service Representative

For most consumer-oriented organizations an ideal customer service representative is a people-person. This means that the representative must be comfortable engaging with other people of all background and races. When brainstorming the list of qualities that your organization requires in potential candidates, it would be a great idea to consider the qualities and traits of your best existing employees. Hiring experts recommend bringing in associates who are team players. Among the traits team players have are:

  • Loyal
  • Problem Solvers
  • Ambitious
  • Conscientious
  • Empathizes with Others
  • Adaptable
  • Able to Exhibit Self-control

The 3 P’s in Customer Service Representative

When hiring potential service representatives, you may need to consider individuals who are able to cope and overcome any difficult situation that may arise when dealing with consumers. For this, you will need to consider hiring employees possessing the 3 P’s of quality traits in a good customer service representative. These 3 qualities can go a very long way in making and keeping consumers happy. These P’s are as follows:

  • Positive
  • Patient
  • Polite

How to Conduct an Effective Interview that will filter out only the Best Candidates

In the hiring process, your organization may want to consider tailoring its interviewing process by asking the right questions that will ascertain whether the candidates truly embody what your organization stands for. Consider each trait and characteristic that is listed on the job advertisement placed on the various newspapers and job search websites. Compose your interview questions according to these traits. An example is if you placed “Loyalty” as one of the traits. When you interview potential employees, ask them a series of questions that test their loyalty. If you listed “Problem Solver” as a trait, it is essential to give them scenarios that test their ability to solve problems under a short time period. By following the list advertised by your organization, you will be able to filter out the best potential employees during interviews.

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