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Use Email Marketing to Increase Traffic with Return Visitors!

Use Email Marketing to Increase Traffic with Return Visitors!

The key to any successful website is the number of its online visitors, as the end of the day the more visitors a website have more revenue they are able to generate. But the main ingredient in this recipe for success is to retain a visitor and make them to come back to your website. There are several ways and techniques which are put to use nowadays in order to generate and direct traffic to a website but the most effective way to keep them coming back to the same website is to be in constant touch with your customers. This gives them the feel of being connected with you; the easiest and the most widely used way of communicating with them is through Email Marketing.

In order to run a successful email marketing campaign you need to make sure that you have done the following:

  1. 1: Generate a powerful email list
  2. 2: Categorize your customers
  3. 3: Be Precise & Consistent
  4. 4: Call To Action

Generate a Powerful Email List

In order to run a potentially successful email marketing campaign you need to have an excellent email list. Without a strong email list you will not be able to move ahead let alone achieve your goals through email marketing. In order to generate a list which is good for your business there are several options which can be used to gather data from customers. You can gather your data through the “Contact Us” form which is available on your website. You can use the “Newsletter Sign-Up Form” to collect email address or you can also fetch data from the sales which have been done in the past. As every customer gives his/her email address when making an online purchase. So, by using some of these techniques you can gather all the email addresses which you need to run the Email Marketing campaign.

Categorize Your Customers

As success of any performance depends upon the audience who is watching it, same is the case with email marketing. You cannot send an email related to buying or selling laptops to a person who is interested in buying building material. Success of any email marketing campaign depends upon how good is the email list and how much segregation is done in it before it is being used. The best way to segregate or compartmentalize the email list to know the behavior of your customers, which keywords was searched in order to reach your website. Which pages & products were mostly viewed by a particular customer when he/she was on your website. All this information is now available at finger-tips thanks to all the tools which are used for Search Engine Optimization of your website.

Be Precise & Consistent

Marketing emails need to be precise and to the point, nobody has time to read through long and boring lines in order to know about your product or service. Your message can be delivered in minimum words yet it can be clearer about the purpose than a 2 page brochure. Using images in email is fine but make sure that you do not distracted from the main idea of your product or service. Use images and graphics very wisely as they can also deliver a negative message if not used properly as our brains respond to images more quickly than to text.

Once you have maintained an audience through email marketing make sure that you remain in touch with them in the same professional manner as you have done earlier. Losing customer which are acquired through email marketing is very easy as most them were first reached by you not the other way around so in order to keep them you will need to keep them engaged.

Call To Action

Call To Action or CTA buttons can also be used to in emails in order to generate and direct traffic to your website. These buttons can be used in the emails as images and will attract customers. But in order make sure that these CTA Buttons are placed wisely in your email content. They should attract the customer not distract them.

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