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Why Email Support Is Important For Your Business?

Why Email Support Is Important For Your Business?

Email Support has been one of the oldest yet the least used ways of digital communication now a days. Most of the people now prefer to pick up the phone or do a live chat with a representative from the company. But having a big phone support or staff which is responsible for answering chats can be a big burden on the company’s finance considering the manpower required to do all the work required and handle multiple customers at the same time. All the advancement and future tech has left email back in the shadows but it is one of the most important modes of communication till date. The reason is simple, the personal touch which is present in every email which is sent out to your customers whether it is about the new promotions coming up or something to do with the ongoing maintenance of the service. The person on the receiving end knows that the email is actually written by someone who cares about them and wants to help them with the issue that they are facing.

Now a days when most of the companies are going green and adopting the paperless trend it is impossible to keep track of all the information which is communicated within the organization and out of the organization. Email support however on the other hand come in handy when you need to dig through data to find the information you are looking for instead of going through the pile of paperwork which is also going to become obsolete in the near future. The most cost effective yet reliable mode of communication in today’s rapidly growing business world is email which also helps you leave the paper trail but keeping a record of every information which is shared between two parties.

There are several benefits of using email but the most important ones are mentioned below:

  1. Easy & Quick Communication:

With the help of email support you can reach out to your customer across the globe without having to worry about their different time zones and availability. It gives you an edge over other competitors as you do not need to spend several hours on the phone in order to leave the messages or to wait for someone to actually pickup the call to give you an answer. You can send your message through email and once they arrive at their work place you will receive the response whether you are available or not.

  1. Communicate On A Large Scale

Imagine sending an update or a memo to hundreds of people who work for your organization through the conventional postal mail system if they are scattered in different locations Or even if they are in the same building you will have to send someone in person to get the memo signed from each of the employees to make sure they are up to speed which will take several hours. But with the email you can send this information to all the members of your organization in just one simple click. No need to print everything and send copies to every one of them. Just attach the document and press send.

  1. Cost Effective Email Support

If you had to hire a messenger every time there is an update or some information which needs to be passed onto other member of the organization or you need to inform your customers about an upcoming promotion this would have cost you thousands of dollars over the course of time along with cost for printing & packaging everything but with the email all of this can be achieved in no time and without spending any extra money for this purpose. It also helps you keep a record of all the communication which has been done between you and any other party; and it is also available for you to review when needed instead of going through the piles of papers in order to look for any information which was shared at a certain time in the past.

  1. 24/7 Available

When you are using email support you do not need to wait to go to the office in order to check your mail or go through your post to check for a certain document which you were waiting to receive. Every smart phone is equipped with the basic email settings which can be tweaked in order to send and receive your emails. So, whether you are in the office or out playing golf with your associates you have all the information at your fingertips. You are in touch with your organization and your customers 24/7/365 regardless of their time zones and location.

  1. Confidentiality

Email are very secure when it comes to sharing confidential information. You do not need to rely on the regular post to make sure to deliver your documents and pay extra to make sure they are delivered in person. Emails are secure and can be further encrypted to make sure all the information shared through them is only accessible the person who is suppose to receive them and not anyone else.

How Can We Help You With It?

TalkAgent has been in business for more than a decade, we have worked thousands of hours with various clients and customers over the globe to provide support and service. Our Agents are well trained professionals who understand the meaning of organizational integrity and privacy. All the information which is shared between the customers and our representatives is secured with the latest technologies and monitored in order to make sure there is no mistake or flaw in communication. We take pride in saying that we have never been below our committed SLA. Monthly reports are shared with all our clients to ensure the quality of service.

We not only provide the usual email support but also Email Marketing, our online marketing specialists make sure that all the email which are sent through them are received in customer’s inbox rather than going to their spam folders. They use different techniques, meta-data, coding and content to make sure that emails which are sent through the marketing email campaign are considered safe and actually land in the inbox rather than getting marked as spam which might generate an abuse report against the email domain and website. Our online marketing experts know how to detect and avoid the spam traps in order to make sure your marketing budget is used wisely and in the correct manner.

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