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Comprehending The Worth Of Customer Complaint

Comprehending The Worth Of Customer Complaint

The Customer Is The Ultimate King!

The Customer Is Always Right!

We have probably heard these phrases. You might even have been reprimanded by your boss due to a disagreement with a customer or a complaint that was raised due to a glitch in service delivery.

Most, if not all of us, have to deal with ‘difficult’ customers at some point. Ironically, we might have been that difficult customer in an alternate situation. We always tend to see only one side of the coin, but the truth is customer service is an every-person game. Some customers are too picky; some want too much detail while others are very specific about their privacy and the customer service. You see, companies and their superstructures understand that a customer lost from a disappointing experience which was not resolved is lost forever. That is why you need to know the worth of customer complaint.

The Worth Of Customer Complaint

Customer Service Directly Translates to Revenue

Happy customers always come back. Customers always talk about good or bad experiences with other people, and this is how most companies stay afloat; by wowing existing customers. As a business, you need to be empathetic, responsive but most importantly, quick when handling complaints. Make the customer feel loved, cherished and respected and they will always stay. Things might get terrible, you may even increase your prices, but customers always stick with you. 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

Customers Never Forget

Customers always make a mental note of good and bad incidences. They say people forget what you say but never how you make them feel. Customers might quickly forget that unfriendly customer service rep as soon as they are replaced with a more amiable one, but they will never forget being made to feel unworthy or uncared for. A single employee projects on the entire organization and customers may view this treatment as an ingrained company mentality as opposed to a one-off incident.

Taking time to understand, respond to, learn and improve from a customer complaint or a nasty incident will get your business on the right track of promised growth.

If you are still struggling with angry customers, do not hesitate and outsource your customer support to us. We will definitely “wow” your clients!

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